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The Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square on Sunday 3rd  November will showcase specialist dealers in militaria in honour of the many fallen heroes – be they those of World War I (commemorated by Poppy Day), the 2nd World War, the Border War and the Struggle War. Twelve dealers who specialize in militaria will be selling their wares and will be on hand to advise and consult on anything to do with historical military collectables. 

Anyone who has done military service has a few mementoes, reminders of the times, good and not so good, that he spent serving his country. When the interest becomes more intense, the collecting bug has bitten!  Wars have always held a special fascination for men and the collection of war memorabilia is an ever growing passion for collectors. Many have links through their forefathers to specific wars and are spurred on to collect whilst others are fascinated by certain wars or find collecting specific items pertaining to a particular war very rewarding.  
The dealers exhibiting will have items from all periods of military conflict from the Zulu War, Boer War, WW1 and 2, Bush wars including Rhodesia and SWA. Items like medals, badges, uniforms, swords and headgear will be up for sale. Some rare items that will be on sale include: medals like the highest awards for bravery given out during the Border war, the HONOURIS CRUX will be for sale,

  • a Lancaster bombers flight clock,
  • Montgomery of Alameins original school photo signed by him,
  • an original baby’s top worn by a baby who died in the Boer War concentration camp,
  • a tunic worn by an officer in the 24the Foot Regiment that dates back to about 10 years after the Zulu war.

Collecting can span a wide range – from collecting uniforms, patches, belt buckles and buttons to swords, guns, daggers and bayonets. As many reproductions have been made for re-enactment of wars or as commemorative items, there are many fakes around and collectors need to know their subject matter and build up relationships with reputable dealers who can steer them in the right direction.
Besides the focus exhibition on militaria, another  60 general dealers will also be exhibiting their wide range of wares and if you are looking to do some early Xmas shopping, then the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square on the 3rd  November is the place to find that unusual gift – the range of antiques and collectables covers the full spectrum of collecting and there is something for everyone.
The Antiques Fair is on the Lower and Upper Levels of Nelson Mandela Square – from 9am to 4pm. A classical quartet entertains from 11am to 1pm.  

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