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First Sunday of every Month
09h00 – 16h00


The Antiques & Collectables Fair, Gauteng’s most prestigious event, which boasts over sixty dealers who come from all over the country to exhibit takes place on the first (1st) Sunday of every month from 09h00 to 16h00 on the Upper and Lower Levels at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton, As the largest and most successful antiques fair in the country, it has become a famous attraction as it is housed in the country’s top shopping node, adjacent to the Gautrain.

The Antiques Fair started 2015 on a high note with thousands of people visiting the first Fair of the year in February.  Says Clyde Terry, organizer of the Antiques Fair, “There is no question that the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square, which has been going for over twenty years, continues to be a magnet that attracts serious collectors as well as shoppers who are looking for that unusual piece or gift and just generally people who are fascinated by the collecting world.”

“It seems that people have become more discerning as to how they spend their hard-earned cash and are opting to invest in items that will retain their value in the long term.  Savvy investors are snapping up valuable antiques, art, stamps, coins and collectables as a hedge against inflation – these investments will not only appreciate over time but will give infinite pleasure.”

The over sixty dealers who make up the antiques community are an eclectic bunch of people who have a passion for their trade and who are committed to giving the very best in products and services.  They are passionate about their collections and many are specialists in their fields.  Whether you’re looking for a rare piece of silver, an unusual corkscrew, a map or rare book, or want to start a collection of porcelain, the dealers will give you all the advice, support and encouragement you need to become a devotee of antiques and collecting.

The visitors to the Antiques Fair are also a special bunch of people.  There are the serious collectors who are the first to arrive on a Sunday morning to see if there is a new favourite piece on sale or to simply do the rounds and touch base with their regular dealers.  Then there are those who stumble across this treasure trove by accident on their shopping sprees and who marvel at the size and range available.

Johannesburg’s best kept secret is the Antiques & Collectables Fair at Nelson Mandela Square - with its relaxed atmosphere under the portico’s of  Nelson Mandela Square - shopping to the strains of a classical quartet – it’s the best place to be on the first Sunday of every month.  

The following are the Antique Fairs planned for the year:

Local and international visitors to the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square on Sunday 1st March 2015 from 10am to 4pm will be able to:
- find that elusive collectable piece that they have been looking for back home but couldn’t find – perhaps to complete a set of figurines or that elusive pattern in crockery or silver.
- admire our uniquely South African antiques – from small pieces of Afrikaner furniture to our celebrated Kalahari ware, Lynn ware or Ardmore Ceramics.
- invest in a rare map of Africa, a first edition book on the early history of Africa or some Boer War memorabilia.
- instead of spending money on trivial tourist trinkets, find a really special gift that will have both sentiment and value.

The Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square falls on Easter Sunday this year and we invite collectors to visit the Fair and see the very best in antiques and collectables.
April is truly a blessed month for many religions.  With Easter for Christians and the Jewish Yom Kippur falling on the same dates we wish all our collectors – whatever faith they might be well over the religious holidays.  Many of the dealers will have sourced antiques and collectables that relate to this religious holiday – whether it be a Kiddush cup or Easter figurines.  Many of our antique dealers take a special interest in sourcing religious icons and treasures and are always willing to help find that special piece.

SUNDAY 3rd MAY 2015
With Mother’s Day around the corner, the search is on to find that special gift for mothers and grandmothers and the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square on Sunday 3rd May is the ideal place to find that perfect gift.  Antique Mother’s Day Gifts are plentiful and cater for every taste and age group.
Jewellery – Whether real gold and diamonds, rare gems, costume jewellery, cameos, pearls, charms or period pieces, jewellery is always top of the list.
Perfume Bottles - Beautiful crystal perfume bottles with silver tops, miniature or commercial make for both practical and ornamental gifts.
Figurines – from beautiful ladies to animals, choose from some of the best from the houses of Royal Doulton, Lladro or Hummel.
Vases – from glassware to porcelain, choose from a range that includes Lalique, Moorcroft and Murano.
Jewellery Boxes, Music Boxes, Pill Boxes, Powder Boxes – decorative and valuable, in silver or mother-of-pearl, these will warm any mother’s heart.
Picture Frames – choose an original silver antique frame for a family portrait.
Embroidered old linen - nothing can match the exquisite craftsmanship of old linen.
Beaded Bags – Victorian or retro beaded or embroidered bags have become all the fashion rage.

SUNDAY 7th JUNE 2015
The month of June is Father’s turn to be spoilt and the Antiques Fair at Nelson Mandela Square has something for everyone – whether for Dad or Grandad. Collecting disciplines that appeal to men cover a wide range – from rare books, maps and prints to war memorabilia.  Collecting silver – whether it’s snuff boxes, corkscrews or cigarette lighters is a popular discipline.  Great gifts include crystal decanters, character jugs or bar accessories; for the more modern collector, look out for some collectable watches, cuff links or collectable pens – you most definitely will find something of value at the Antiques Fair that dad or granddad will appreciate.

SUNDAY 5th JULY 2015
The over 70 antique dealers, who come from as far afield as Cape Town and Durban,  all have their regular spots and are amongst the most experienced dealers in the country.  Many are specialists in their field – be it in silverware, glassware or clocks and are more than willing to advise you and give their expert opinion and market value of any item you might have.  If you are thinking of starting a collection – and the choice is limitless – from collecting thimbles to art deco jewellery; from Murano glass to Royal Doulton; from pipes to maps – the dealers will be more than happy to give you tips on how to start and will keep an eye out for items to add to your collection.

The Nelson Mandela Square Antique Fair set on two floors of the shopping centre, is a leading monthly destination for both local and international collectors. On the first Sunday of every month South Africa’s longest running monthly antique fair attracts dealers from all over South Africa and on many occasions internationally.  It has become the place where the ardent collector meets dealers who specialize in every collecting genre one can imagine.  Many collectors have found exactly what they were looking for at this fair – whether it’s a rare antique or a quirky collectable that will find a welcome home in their collection.

Sunday 6th SEPTEMBER 2015
if you are an avid antiques collector, a collectables fan or simply someone who loves to browse and find things of interest then the Nelson Mandela Square Antiques Fair is where you will find everything - from top silver, books, prints, maps,  jewellery, art glass, china and collectables - this fair is one not to be missed. The fair extends from the upper level outside Excusive Books through to the Michelangelo Hotel and the lower level from Lattelicious to the Gucci shop – the whole area comes alive on the first Sunday of every month with collectors on the hunt for that elusive piece. A classic quartet will entertain you with beautiful music between 11h00 and 13h00 on the Lower Level and when you’re tired of browsing, you can stop at any one of the cafés and restaurants for a bite to eat.   

Sunday 4th OCTOBER 2015
Do what collectors do all over the world – whether it’s in London, Paris, Barcelona or Buenos Aires – spend a leisurely day browsing and buying at what is South Africa’s best monthly antiques & collectables fair. Open from 9h00 to 16h00, the Fair stretches along the Upper and Lower Levels of Nelson Mandela Square and is undercover so it is not affected by adverse weather.  A classic quartet will entertain you with beautiful music between 11h00 and 13h00 on the Lower Level and when you’re tired of browsing, you can stop at any one of the cafés and restaurants for a bite to eat.   

Sunday 1st NOVEMBER 2015
Johannesburg’s best kept secret is the Antiques & Collectables Fair at Nelson Mandela Square.  On the first Sunday of every month the Upper and Lower levels of Nelson Mandela Square come alive with over 60 stalls boasting the best in antiques & collectables. As the largest and most successful monthly antiques fair in the country, it has become a famous attraction, not only with local collectors but with the many thousands of tourists who pass through Johannesburg and who marvel at stumbling on such a unique antiques fair equal to any of the top international antique markets. Add to that the convenience of having the Gautrain just a block away, which makes coming from Pretoria or Rosebank an easy ride, and you have a great way to spend a Sunday!

Sunday 6th DECEMBER 2015
As we prepare for the Festive Season, the shopping malls are full of Christmas cheer and stores are filled to the brim with enticing gifts. But there is no question that the recession has changed peoples’ attitude to shopping - gone are the frivolous days of throwing money at worthless trinkets that simply gather dust in cupboards. Today’s consumers want to get value for money and have become more in-tune with buying gifts that evoke the past and will be valued and cherished for their intrinsic workmanship and age. The stalls are filled to the brim with the most exquisite and diverse selection of treasures - from beautiful silver and glassware; from porcelain to exquisite jewellery; from books and prints to collectable bric-a-brac.

For a preview of what is available from the dealers who participate at the Fair, shoppers can visit their website on or


Fair Organiser:   Clyde Terry
Cell No: 082 883-4933 – email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Media Liaison: Giuli Osso

Tel: 011 802 1611; Cell: 083 377 6721; email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it